We are a company to design the communication.

We mainly available upon request for the UI design, IA and front end engineering. and we has a developed such as WEB-site digital signage application embedded devices.

We can provide the finest technology. We have always taken into consideration for "the maintenance", "future device response" and "the backward compatibility".
You can be the production request to us about "any scale site design", "SEO", "accessibility improvement", "the development of the fusion of communication and broadcasting" and "VR content".


  • Communication Design
  • Digital content creation
    • Web site production
    • Application development
    • Digital Signage
  • UI design and engineering for Application
  • Logo design, character design
  • Novelty design
  • Stickers & business cards design
  • Cell-Phone case, miscellaneous goods design
  • various events, seminars planning